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“In the moment”



At Allora, we feel that servicing the story comes first. Navigating production in a digital world is tough! We’re here to handle the constantly changing landscape of digital film and video production, so that you can focus on telling your story. “Allora” is another way of saying “in that moment” in Italian. That is exactly what we’re focused on before, during, and after the camera rolls: being in, and capturing a moment.


Our Work

These are a few case studies that we’re particularly proud of. Each of these situations represented a unique challenge that we faced head on, and achieved big results for our clients. Check back every now and then, as we update these regularly.

Music Videos

Cole Alexander Mills wanted to create a dance film about a relationship in turmoil. The challenge here was that our budget was very small, but we wanted a big budget feeling. Using an anamorphic front adapter and a dance studio space, we were able to produce a short, but beautiful dance piece.


Mobile Application Product Launch

One of the earlier projects that we worked on, NeoBook was a contender in The College of New Jersey Mayo Business Plan Competition. The product went on to win first place and receive a sizable grant to go into full production. The challenge was there were a lot of phone screens that needed to be simulated, as the app was not ready at the time of production.


Book Trailer

Lucas Sterling needed a trailer for his new book. The challenge here was not having the budget to fly to Budapest where the story takes place. Through the use of a bit of stock footage and A LOT of work on a green stage we were able to help the book trailer go viral and receive more than 100,000 views.

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There’s no magic formula for a great production. We like to work with each project on an individual basis and really get to know our client before we begin working with them. If you’re interested in a quote, or just have questions please use the form below to send us a message.

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